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Tacos and Agave at Liberty Wharf

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You like tequila bars. You like all bars, actually, but you really like tequila bars.

And lately, you’ve had it pretty good.

Well, it’s about to get better. Rare tequila and stunning harbor views better.

Take your first look at the gorgeous Temazcal Tequila Cantina, your new waterfront haven for blue agave and whole suckling pig, opening this Saturday at Liberty Wharf.

We know this weather can sometimes put you at war with yourself. “Do I head out for a night of frosty Negro Modelos and tableside-carved suckling pig in my Italian sports car, or in my handcrafted Italian sailboat?” is a question you often ask yourself. Lucky for you, that choice is now moot.

Because you can either drive here with a date to grab a seat at the 52-foot-long bar for plates of steak tacos and lobster tamales cooked in banana leaves. Or scoot over on your dingy, dock it and take a seat out on the patio for some breathtaking harbor views (almost as breathtaking as the ones from your dingy).

Either way, you’ll want to dive into their 300+ tequila options. They’ve got rare ones like the 30th Anniversary Chinaco Emperador Extra Añejo. Or if you’re feeling splurge-y, go for the $100 cocktail, the Margaux, made with Grand Marnier 150 and Gran Patrón Burdeos tequila.

One down, 299 to go.

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