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A Mid-Day Date Spot from the Rangers

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The Guarantee. Wide Right. Mr. Met.

New York sports franchises have given the city some timeless gifts.

And now, as the puck drops on the NHL playoffs, it’s the Rangers’ turn.

To unveil their new two-story pink townhouse restaurant in Tribeca.

You’ll call it Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs, a precious little five-hole in the wall from the Warren 77 team (including Sean Avery and Henrik Lundqvist) that’ll handle intra-office lunch dates, fireside cocktail congregations and postgame Rangers locker room spillover, opening Friday and taking reservations now.

You know what they say: behind every good fuchsia window treatment and antiqued dollhouse of a restaurant is a battle-hardened athlete. So let’s just pretend we didn’t see this vintage flyspeck of a bar coming a mile away and address the essentials. Like the pickled beet and blue cheese Tiny’s Burger that’s topped with a fried egg.

In the afternoon, the wood-burning fireplace, tarnished copper fixtures and rusted two-tops set the scene for the type of lunch tryst that usually requires an HR waiver. In the evening, you’ll climb a set of stairs behind a metal net and establish your presence in a Masonic-themed marble bar with 10 beers on tap. And on game nights, well, there’s the off chance you’ll have to jockey for leather banquette space with a professional hockey player or two.

It’s always a good idea to yield to the guy missing his front teeth.


Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs
135 W Broadway
New York, NY, 10013


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