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SFO’s Terminal 2, by the Numbers

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The airport: a necessary evil. And while Rio, Mallorca and Los Cabos are nice rewards for visiting, it’s good to know that in just a few days, SFO opens the brand-new, much-buzzed Terminal 2.

But like a seasoned pilot, you don’t need the hype—you want the hard and fast facts and figures. Below, a high-level number crunching of the new terminal’s most important coordinates...

Years since it originally opened: 57
Time closed: 10 years, four months
Former name: The Central Terminal
Dollars spent: 383 million
Number of gates: 14 (7 Virgin America, 6 American Airlines, 1 shared)
Number of accredited museums: 1
Probability you’ll take the guided cellphone audio tour of the art: 0.00001%
Fireplaces in the American Airlines Admirals Club: 1
Pine bonsai tree representation in the Admirals Club: 3
Likelihood of meeting an actual admiral in the Admirals Club: 1 in 458
Price of a day fee for nonmembers: $50
Value of the spa shower after a long flight: At least $50
Replicas of the Virgin Galactic Spaceship: 1
Gate with the best sofas for napping during layovers: 51
Barstool total at the Burger Joint: 8
Number of Food Network chefs represented: 2
Number of Pinkberry frozen yogurt shops in SF: 0
Number of Pinkberry shops in Terminal 2: 1
Wine bars: 1
Days until first flight: 3


Terminal 2
at the San Francisco International Airport
Highway 101
San Francisco, CA, 94128


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