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Room Service for Cocktails

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UD -  Personal In-Room Bartender at Cavallo Point Welcome back to Friday.

Which means, welcome back to your winning lineup of happy hour, followed by happier hour (a no-nonsense lineup for kicking off the weekend right).

But instead of you getting drinks at the bar, we’ve found a place where the drinks come to you.

Introducing the Personal In-Room Bartender at Cavallo Point, a new service at this 1866 US Army post turned luxury resort just across the Golden Gate Bridge, now available.

For those nights when only lounging fireside in a renovated officers’ quarters or on the deck of your hilltop suite with million-dollar views of the city will do, this service adds that much-needed finishing touch: hand-shaken cocktails.

All you have to do is book your room (hint: Sundays are locals’ nights) and notify your partner in crime that check-in is at 16:00 hours. Then, once you’ve settled into your room, just dial up room service and request the personal in-room bartender, specify your drink of choice and wait as they prep the best of Farley Bar onto your tray.

Let’s say you get the Manhattan. They’ll arrive with a bottle of bourbon, as well as vermouth, bitters and cherries. Your personal bartender—who’ll make your first round, and return for the next at your request—accompanies it all.

And just like that, breakfast in bed has competition.


Personal In-Room Bartender at Cavallo Point
601 Murray Cir
Sausalito, CA, 94965

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