Things to do for April 08, 2011

The Weekender

Brunch, Grilled Cheese and the Birth of Texas

The weekend won’t take that lying down.

UD - The Birth of Texas and Cocktails

The Birth of Texas and Cocktails

This year, your old friend Texas turns 175 years old. Naturally, you should celebrate. The party location: the Library Bar. The attire: your state flag ascot should work. The cocktails: the Texas Rattlesnake (featuring whiskey from Waco) and the Lone Star Martini. Don’t forget a gift.

UD - 11 Different Beers. One Hour.

11 Different Beers. One Hour.

Beer. Usually a case where bigger is better. But perhaps you should reconsider—the Meddlesome Moth is offering a tasting of 10 two-ounce beers, plus a complimentary draft brew and snifter glass. You’ve been meaning to add to your snifter collection.

UD - Spending Your Weekend with 70 Artists

Spending Your Weekend with 70 Artists

You’re always in the market for two things: an automated scotch dispenser, and art. So we’re directing you to the massive showroom at the FIG, which is being cleared out and filled up with the wares of art dealers from all over the world. Just stretch your check-writing hand first.

UD - Nosh Launches Brunch Menu

Nosh Launches Brunch Menu

Here’s how your Sunday will go down: wake up. Give your live-in DJ the day off. Then head to Nosh. Here you’ll watch the chefs make Braised Short Rib Hash, and settle into a corner booth for the Grilled Beef Tenderloin Benedict. And yes, mimosas will be involved.

Sundays, Nosh, 4216 Oak Lawn Ave, 214-528-9400

UD - In Honor of the Grilled Cheese...

In Honor of the Grilled Cheese...

In honor of the holy union of cheese, bread and butter, Norma’s Cafe is firing up gratis grilled cheese sandwiches all day on Tuesday for National Grilled Cheese Day. You should probably take the day off just to be safe.

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