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Watching the Giants in Home Run Distance of AT&T

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Feels like just yesterday we were taking to the streets...

Celebrating our World Series win...

Riding our high horse around the Embarcadero.

But it’s a new season. And a new season requires new focus.

And a new spot to take it all in.

Introducing Caviar Docks, an event space located in the shadows of AT&T Park that turns into a sports bar for every Giants home game, opening to the public Friday.

This can be your AT&T Park alternative for those times when you want to watch the game but can’t commit to all nine innings—or the hassle of leaving your seat to grab a beer or two.

Situated across the street from the ballpark in what was once the loading dock for Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, Caviar Docks is a lofty space with stone floors and library ladders, which very closely resembles an art gallery (basically the opposite of your regular sports bar).

But what it lacks in predictability, it makes up for by offering two of the most important things you need for game day: beer and a big, white wall projecting the game.

When you order your IPA at the long redwood bar, you’ll be looking straight at the ballpark. This means that between the surround-sound effect of the wall/screen and flat-screen, it’s almost as if you’re inside the park.

Soon, they’ll expand their offerings to include a rotating selection of beer on tap and food.

Caviar-topped hot dogs might be better than they sound.


Caviar Docks
144 King St
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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