Tenacious D

A Hangover Cure with Bite

We've never advised tinkering with perfection.

But the standard Bloody Mary isn't quite at perfection. Sure, the tomato texture will clear your mouth of the previous night's cocktails, but it doesn't leave you with much of a get-up-and-tackle-the-world feeling.

Luckily, the internet has stepped in to address this pressing need. Allow us to introduce you to Hot D, a tomato-based cocktail with all the benefits of an energy drink.

Named for the famous Buddhist mantra "Hair of the Dog," Hot D is essentially a Monster Bloody Mary Rockstar, and when combined with a little vodka, it'll get you through the brunching hours in fine, caffeinated form. The self-proclaimed wake-up juice is sweetened with 100% pure honey, so you won't get the heart-palpitating jolt you feel from fructose-heavy energy drinks. And it doesn't skimp on the tart and spicy highlights that make a Bloody Mary more than just tomato juice.

On top of the usual V8-type ingredients, the brew is packed full of herbal goodies like lycopene, taurine, ginger and our old friend caffeine.

Because there are some things we'd never tinker with.

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