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Sailing on the Largest Wooden Sailboat in Texas

UD - Sail with Scott Today, we’re bringing you to the open seas.

Or actually, the landlocked lakes. Still, it’s invigorating.

At your back: the sun.

At your face: the wind.

And below your feet: the largest wooden vessel built in North America in 25 years.

Meet Sail with Scott, a BYOB sunset cruise across Lake Ray Hubbard on one massive handmade wooden sailboat, now taking reservations.

The skipper: a salty old sea captain (okay, he’s a former ProSoap CEO), whose sailing résumé rivals Ted Turner’s. From winning the Transatlantic Fastnet Race (the Masters of sailing) to a seven-month cruise from France to Portugal with just his wife... let’s just say he’s qualified.

The vessel: a 40-foot-long, 20-foot-wide catamaran made of 100% Spanish cedarwood. You’ll have an open deck, benched seating and a padded lounge area at the front for up to 50 of your closest friends.

The voyage: first, grab your sailing beverage of choice. Then order some tapas from Agave—they’ll deliver right to the boat. And come 7pm, you’ll shove off Scott’s dock to the open lake. As the Seawolf cruises toward the sunset, pop the champagne and go about relearning starboard and port. But once nightfall comes, take a seat by the captain as he relives sailing war stories. He might even let you steer the boat.

But we hear Christopher Cross is strictly forbidden.


Sail with Scott
2055 Summer Lee Dr
Rockwall, TX, 75032

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