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Live Music and Vermont Pigs in Quincy

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If we know you, you’ve got another date-filled weekend ahead.

Which means finding spots without, um, overlap (nothing more awkward than having your second date meet yesterday’s first date).

So we’re thinking something a bit out of the way. Quincy out of the way. And someplace with Vermont suckling pigs, ideally.

Take your first intriguing glance at Remick’s, a live music/American-Asian-Italian eatery from Marc Orfaly of Pigalle, opening this Friday in Quincy.

So if your date happens to mention that she’d like someplace down 93, along the South Shore and named after Quincy’s most famous department store, this is probably going to be your spot.

You’ll step into the brick bar area, order up a couple of Milagro Margaritas (made with limoncello instead of triple sec) and cover your usual second-date topics (hopes, dreams, Garnett versus Pierce). Then, you’ll move back to the beige-toned dining room and work your way through Oxtail Potato Cakes and Pork Wienerschnitzel (it’s the actual Austrian version... basically like a big, breaded, fried pork cutlet).

And if things are going well, you can stick around for live music on the weekends—everything from jazz trios and blues ensembles to classic rock bands.

Nothing locks up a solid date like Humble Pie.

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