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A Classy New Den of Beef Jerky Vodka

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Despite all the bad news lately, let’s take a moment to remember this important fact:

Good things are happening in the world.

For instance, restaurants are acting more like bars. Chefs are acting more like bartenders. And miraculously, vodka is now acting more like beef jerky.

Welcome to Bridge Bar, opening Monday to usher in a new era of happy hour, where oysters are shucked right next to your whiskey, and where your whiskey is infused with Slim Jims.

Though it happens to be the top-floor bar at Fulton’s on the River, with a splendid view of the LaSalle Street Bridge, you’ll soon come to think of this as its own destination. Yes, wood paneling, communal tables and soft booths draped with a canopy of gauzy fabric mean you can still do a casual working dinner of burgers and bacon-truffle popcorn here, since bacon and truffles always help you brainstorm.

But now the bar’s been reengineered to accommodate 90 whiskeys, a platoon of bartenders and its own chef, so you’ll get your steak tartare, seared scallops and Nanatella—a Nutella, banana and brie sandwich—at record speed.

After that, you’ll be freed up to hit the Bullshots—a rugged Bloody Mary made with that housemade beef-jerky-infused vodka—or possibly a China Shop Bull with its Slim Jim–infused bourbon.

Either way, your protein shake has been replaced.

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