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The Prudential.

Iconic tower. Beacon of commerce. Bastion of weekend power walking.

And now: home to your new burger joint. With a full bar.

Welcome to 5 Napkin Burger, a new 150-seat NYC transplant that will offer you 10-ounce chuck burgers and cold beer (sans Yankees allegiance), opening a week from tomorrow in the Prudential Center.

So say you’ve just stepped out of your bi-weekly trim to your tousled locks, and your buddy who works around the corner rings you to arrange an emergency business meeting (read: burgers and beers in an old-timey setting, full of chalkboards and gleaming subway tiles).

Starting next week, you’ll head in here, then grab a leathery booth or belly up to the bar. Once you’ve loosened up the gullet with a bowl of Matzo Ball Soup, you can chase down a couple of bacon-cheddar burgers with any of their 80-strong beer choices (think: stiff English lagers, Belgian Trappist dubbel ales and Portsmouth porters).

Of course, if there’s one thing you like in a burger joint, it’s non-burgers. For that, they’ve got plenty of sushi maki rolls and Pork Taquitos, which you’ll pair with one of their Pulp Fiction-esque five-dollar shakes—everything from vanilla to salted caramel, and even cookies n’ cream.

Or as you like to call it: cookies n’ cream n’ vodka.

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