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Cheese, Whiskey and Hoosier Mama Pie

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Spring is so close, you can almost taste it.

The back porch grilling. The cold beers. The prosciutto di parma.

(Your favorite springs are spent on the Amalfi Coast.)

But spring needs a nudge. So we present 694 Wine & Spirits, emerging this week from the cocoon of a humble wine bar to become the whiskey-soaked butterfly it was always meant to be.

Now, let’s back up a bit. The owners bought out Juicy Wine Co. last year, but have changed things very slowly—starting with the name in January—and culminating with a new sign on Thursday. (New signage always gets you thirsty.)

In the meantime, they’ve been doing important work. Ripping out booths. Updating floors. Replacing the cheese case with a bar where you’ll knock back obscure scotch, sip Manhattans with cognac-soaked cherries and hoist the occasional rare Italian stout.

Yet, somehow, 694 remains that wood-paneled charmer where you’ll cozy up to a date over a Malbec and fine-sliced salumi. But now, say you’re just looking for a casual Wednesday night burger—come here during Burger Time Wednesdays, and you’ll find them grilling on the patio.

And then, right around the time you’re indulging in a Candy Bar Flight (version of Almond Joy, Butterfingers and a Rice Krispies treat) or a slice of pie from Hoosier Mama, you’ll find a DJ has started to amp up the room’s energy level.

Or maybe it was all that pie.

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