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A Pretty Lass of a Tavern, Open This Very Second

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You feel it already. This emerald madness. This verdant melee. Surrounding you. Touching you. Sloshing its green beer all over your new shoes.

In other words, tomorrow you may find yourself sorely in need of a safe harbor across from the newly tinted Chicago River. A place where beer will not be served in a plastic cup. A place where the deviled eggs are deep-fried. In fact, you may need those things tonight.

So welcome to Hoyt’s, a pretty little lass of a tavern tucked in the Hotel 71, with a taste for good beer and hearty food, now open for your after-work/pre-parade mingling pleasure.

Put this in the category of places to consider when you need a power breakfast spot or just a quick lunch to schmooze with clients over hanger steaks and frites—all accompanied by a River Street, their cognac-and-port cocktail.

But it’s the front bar, with an expansive view of Wacker Drive, where you’ll seek refuge after work. Take up one of the tables near the window while exploring the stable of craft beers and feasting on burgers, truffle fries and pretzels drenched in chorizo-cheese sauce, before finally topping it all off with a jar of Vosges chocolate pudding.

Or, as it may soon be known, your usual.

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