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Cold Beers and Fluffernutters in Southie

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It’s that time of year, when all eyes are on Southie.

St. Paddy’s Day. The parade. Irishness.

And yet, through all the hoopla, you still want a local haunt to frequent, amongst neighborhood-y pals and a hint of yesteryear. And ideally, one with fried fluffernutters.

Take your handsome first look at Local 149, a new watering hole to get your Good Will Hunting on, softly opening to the public this Wednesday in Southie.

We know. You were just saying, “I really need a new Southie haunt for Berkshire Serrano Ham and Fried Chicken and Waffles in a neo-’60s setting... with vice grips on the tables.” And good news: you have it here.

So after you rip that tie off and grab your buddies for a midweek laugh fest over drafts of New England beers (Pretty Things, Smuttynose, Tuckerman), you’ll want to claim the diner-style short stools at the bar (makes it easier to consume the Pork Belly and Clam Chowder). Tip: go for the ones in front of the antique fire extinguishers turned draft taps (you’ve always loved history with a side of booze).

And for dessert: you and your new friends (think: paralegals) will retire to the working-fireplace lounge in the back for cupcakes and Fried Fluffernutters.

Any girl who shares fried fluff is a keeper.


Local 149
149 P St
Boston, MA 02127


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