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A Flashy Japanese Pub in Chinatown

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No, they didn’t invent Friday in Tokyo. Of course not. Silly to suggest such a thing.

All they did was add sake. And, occasionally, pubs with floors that light up like pinball machines and servers dressed like little badass Lolitas.

But you have to hand it to them—those are pretty good advancements.

And they’re on display at Lure Izakaya Pub, a kaleidoscopic new Chinatown haunt dedicated to all your post-work and/or late-night needs, opening tonight.

You’ll have to do some poking around to find this place—it’s in a back corner of Chinatown Square. Just look for the place with flashing lights emanating through the windows like a UFO crashed into a disco.

After work, get comfortable at the bar, a formidable slab of concrete built ready for knocking back Japanese beer, sipping sake and feasting on Japanese-style fried chicken, applewood-grilled whole squid and crispy bacon potatoes.

But when it’s late, and you’re ready to just lose yourself in some bright lights and live music (blues to hip-hop to whatever), take up in the dining room. Just be aware that there are theme nights, where anything from Green Lantern to Japan’s penchant for baby-goth chic is celebrated.

We promise you won’t confuse the two.

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