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Watching Sports Like at Cowboys Stadium

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Sox season approaches.

You can smell it in the air. Your old pitching injury has been acting up. Your dog Papelbon won’t stop barking.

So you need a new waterfront spot for watching them bring it home this year.

Yeah, we’re thinking one with a 40-foot-long wall of TVs, too.

Take your first gorgeous look at Jerry Remy’s Seaport, your new 260-seat waterfront wondercave for sports and local brews, opening this Wednesday at Liberty Wharf.

This is where you’ll come after another day of winning the markets to watch Pedroia and Youkilis scorch the American League over Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Cheddar Hot Dogs and Buffalo Drumsticks (key for helping Youk leg out doubles). 

There’ll be a 150-seat patio for you when the warm weather hits, but for now you’ll want to grab a high-top or a seat at the bar with some buddies, take in the menu (it’s the same as Boylston, but not) and then bask in the glow of live sporting events.

Your primary target: an 11-by-40-foot wall of 32 LED screens that can operate in unison as one monstrous, movie-screen-sized TV. (The only other one of its kind is at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Yeah, that one.)

And should you be downing a few pints of Nantucket’s Cisco Grey Lady in one of the booths and decide you want to check up on Sheen’s latest media blitzkrieg, those come equipped with their own independently controlled TVs.

No, they don’t come with TiVo.


Jerry Remy’s Seaport
at Liberty Wharf
250 Northern Ave
Boston, MA, 02210


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