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UD - MyBike Concierge Service Lance Armstrong has nothing on you.

Your cycling skills have earned the adulation of fans everywhere. There’s a vanity wristband with your name on it. You were engaged to Sheryl Crow.

But the one thing that Lance has that you don’t (and the sole thing keeping you from training for the Tour de France, besides the language barrier) is a full-time repair and support team.

That’s all about to change.

Introducing the MyBike Concierge Service, an on-demand retrieve and repair unit that’s basically like AAA for bikes, now available for use anywhere within the Route 128 loop.

So say you’re two hours into a brisk pre-spring ride along the Charles, jumping exposed tree roots on your custom Sirrus while training for the X Games. And suddenly, a harsh landing mangles your front tire.

Simply call up MyBike, and they’ll dispatch someone to come grab your ride, write up a repairs estimate and even spot you a lift to their shop or to the closest public transportation to get you back home (where you can down some Gatorade, hop on your spare Mongoose and get back on the road).

They’ll do the repairs at their Southie shop and, in most cases, deliver your bike to your door within 72 hours.

No, they won’t put a bow on it.


MyBike Concierge Service

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