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Poutine and Waffles Downtown

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You had a great time at the Oscars.

But between the Vanity Fair after-party, your tryst with Penélope Cruz’s sister, your midnight scuffle with Christian Bale and the red-eye back to the East Coast, you’re beat.

A snack would do you some good. We’re thinking waffles. And fries. And lots of dipping sauces.

Introducing Saus, your new home for fries slathered in gravy and late-night waffles, open as of today.

This is a Belgian snack shack/street-food café near Faneuil Hall with a menu chock-full of dippables, and the dips to back them up.

To begin, you’ll want to grab some friends and claim the eight-seat communal table. Start with some fries and the deep-fried egg, partnered with any of their dipping sauces. (We’re partial to the Cheddar and Duvel Ale... but then, we love anything cheese-and-beer-related.)

And when it’s time for an epic weekend outing, you’ll want to come in here to finish off the night with some sweet homemade Belgian waffles, smothered in housemade Nutella. They’re open until 2am, so you can take your time.

Nothing brings the weird dreams like 2am waffles.

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