Jackson Arms Shooting Range

Bullet Points

An Indoor Shooting Range by SFO

UD - Jackson Arms Shooting Range It’s going to be an epic dusting of proportions not seen since 1975.

And by epic, we mean a handful of snowflakes, max.

All this is to say that you might want an indoor backup plan for the rain.

We thought shooting a .45 caliber ought to hold your attention...

Behold Jackson Arms Shooting Range, the city’s closest indoor shooting range with easy access to Glocks, .38 Specials and AK-47s, open now.

Even James Bond needs a little practice here and there—and that’s where this old-school shooting range comes into play. (In fact, Giants closer Brian Wilson has been known to stop by every so often to hone his aim.)

Stepping inside is like entering a detective movie set, with goggled and earmuffed shooters in cages aiming at targets set up in one of the dozen 25-yard-long lanes. Given the indoor aspect, you can show up 363 days a year. But given their proclivity to air-conditioning, we suggest you layer up and wear a jacket (nothing black-tie, mind you).

You can get privates or even register for a class and certifications like Defensive Firearms Training. But just knowing the basics, like loading a magazine and unloading a firearm, means you could graduate from a .22 caliber to a Glock in no time.

Definitely before the next snowfall...


Jackson Arms Shooting Range
152 Utah Ave
South San Francisco, CA, 94080

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