Secret ’Garten

A Hall of Boar Sausage and Belgian Beer

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Next week, you’ll know the answers to all of life’s most pressing questions.

Who took it home for Best Sound Mixing. Whether Anne Hathaway went with a smoky eye.

And, most importantly, what it’s like to chase some boar sausage with a couple of White Manhattans.

Introducing Steingarten, a bold new German hall of unusual meats, regal cocktails and strong European beers, opening Tuesday on Pico.

Its timing is perfect—by this hour next Tuesday, your tux will be at the cleaners, your Oscar wrap-up conversations at the watercooler will be complete, and all you’ll want to do is throw on your favorite T-shirt and share a few casual drinks with friends.

First step: grab a table on the back patio. Second step: decide whether you’re going cocktails or beer. If it’s the former, they’ve got White Manhattans (the whiskey’s clear) and Old Fashioneds spiked with peach. If it’s beer you’re after, they’ve got Pliny the Elder, along with a constantly changing mix from California, Germany and Belgium.

What you’ll pair these with: platters of sausage made of elk, salmon, wild boar... and even alligator.

Also known as Clint Eastwood’s breakfast.


10543 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90064


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