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Your Dinner: Taped Before a Live Studio Audience

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Your party philosophy is steeped in a certain flair for the dramatic.

Hence, you prefer to host any gatherings in front of a live studio audience.

Well, if you build it...

Introducing The Kitchen NYC, a newly launched, 7,500-square-foot TV studio/personal kitchen stadium that’s ready to host (or remote broadcast) your next cocktail party, whole-hog smoke or 24-hour wine tasting festival, open now.

Think of this in a do-anything/world-is-your-oyster frame of mind. At your disposal: two rentable kitchens, one tasting suite, a walk-in freezer, a TV control room and diplomatic immunity to throw pretty much any party that doesn’t violate fire code or FCC regulations.

First things first: inform your underground Iron Chef Fight Club that you’ll be moving to a new venue this weekend. Next, send over a runner with all your requirements. Mouth guards. Maine lobsters. James Beard–awarded guest referees. Then, decide if this is the type of fete you want to conduct in a tasting room with a 500-bottle wall of wine. Or live, in front of cameras and a 55-seat audience.

You see, besides being available for your upcoming Oscar party, one of the kitchens also doubles as a working studio set. Which means you could put the entire evening on the air if you were so inclined.

Or just use it for the green room.


The Kitchen NYC
146 E 44th St
New York, NY, 10017


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