The Wholy Grain

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Meats and Pastries in the South End

UD - The Wholy Grain The bricks of the South End this time of year: cold, salty, unwelcoming.

Your average bakery/deli: warm, bread-y and sweet-smelling.

Which tends to trump salty and unwelcoming every time...

Introducing The Wholy Grain, your brand-new bakery and deli for house-roasted meats and fresh pastries, now open in the South End.

So picture it: it’s Wednesday. You wake up in the South End for reasons we care not to discuss (oh, tequila), and you need some fresh made-in-house-daily pastries, stat.

First, check to make sure you have your wallet (and your pants, for that matter). Then, follow your nose in here. You’ll get your day going with some Scottish Oat Cakes, or a few blueberry Jordan Marsh Muffins (sadly, not served by the Jordan Marsh guys).

Or say you shuffle in a little bit later in the day. You could bypass breakfast and go straight to their house-roasted meats for an early lunch. Try the Honey Roasted Ham on the molasses-y Farmhouse Loaf (your favorite loaf of the British Isles), or just some fresh, authentic Irish Soda Bread, all while sipping on a double espresso made with Illy Italian coffee.

Irish and Italian together. How Boston.


The Wholy Grain
275A Shawmut Ave
Boston, MA, 02118

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