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Sleeping Aboard a WWII Battleship

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Happy belated Presidents’ Day.

Also known as a long weekend devoted to paying respects to our past commanders-in-chief... while skiing.

Since we were feeling slightly more patriotic than usual, we found another way to honor our country’s past.

While sleeping.

Behold the USS Hornet’s Live-Aboard Program, an overnight experience aboard a WWII aircraft carrier that also served in Korea, Vietnam and the Apollo program, hosting stays now.

First off, there are no swim-up bars, no hot tubs and no mai tais on this cruise ship. But you might like to know that it earned nine battle stars in WWII, hosted past presidents Nixon and Ford, recovered astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong from the moon and was the set for Rescue Dawn with Christian Bale. (In case astronauts and presidents weren’t enough.)

As you tour the ship’s decks, you’ll see that everything has been restored—down to the mess hall, where you’ll get dinner and breakfast. Your quarters are the original suspended three-tiered bunk beds linked together by chains, until they get the admiral’s cabin set up.

And while there’s that element of roughing it, it’s nothing a bottle of bubbly at sunset on the flight deck—with views of the city, both bridges and the bay—won’t fix.

Roughing it: better with champagne.


USS Hornet’s Live-Aboard Program
707 W Hornet Ave
Alameda, CA, 94501


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