Trampoline Dodgeball League

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Playing Dodgeball on Trampolines

UD - Trampoline Dodgeball League Mother Nature finally got the memo that it was February.

And while you’re Tahoe-bound on the weekends, your week is open.

So, we’ve found a filler—and yes, yes it does involve trampolines.

Welcome the Trampoline Dodgeball League, House of Air’s first official dodgeball league on trampolines, registering teams now to start next week.

You might’ve heard about one or two tournaments over at HOA so far. But this is the first time they’ve actually set aside the park for six weeks of designated league nights on the 22 conjoined trampolines that make up the Colosseum.

Not only that, but once you register your team of eight, they’ll give you color-coordinated team headbands and wristbands. And while that morale-building effect shouldn’t be underestimated, team jerseys and uniforms are highly encouraged (team cheerleaders couldn’t hurt, either).

The rules are a simple list of 10, including a Dodgeball movie reference about not throwing wrenches. Basically, if the foam ball hits you from the shoulder down or you throw a live ball that is caught, you’re out.

As for the league, each week, over two hours, you’ll play three segments lasting 10 to 15 minutes each. Then, the team with the most games won will move on. When you’re not in competition mode, you’ll have full, uninterrupted access to all 26 floor trampolines and 16 wall trampolines in the Matrix.

Your double back somersault isn’t going to perfect itself.


Trampoline Dodgeball League
at House of Air
926 Mason St
San Francisco, CA, 94129

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