Clawt in the Act

Your Man in Maine

There's something about a perfect spring day that causes your thoughts to drift toward sunnier isles.

Allow us to help you along. Picture, if you will, the Maine coast—sea breeze flowing, sun shining, and a fresh lobster feast laid out for you. Now picture driving six hours to get there.

Instead, take matters into your own pot with Catch a Piece of Maine, your opportunity to buy a partnership in a lobster trap for the summer.

Started by a couple of entrepreneurial lobsterman brothers (think of them as the Lehman brothers of lobsters), the service is sort of like signing up for a mail-order bride, just without the Russian backtalk...and with lobsters. You get your own lobsterman and your own trap that you can monitor online, and all the lobsters harvested in your trap can be mailed anywhere in the U.S. overnight for free (perfect for sending that spontaneous crustacean gift you've been looking for).

You're guaranteed 40 lobsters, but most traps produce at least 50. And anytime you order up four or more of your lobsters, they send along some mussels, clams, dessert, bibs and cooking instructions for a feast.

All without leaving the sunny isle of Manhattan.


Catch a Piece of Maine

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