Smoke Break

The City’s First Cigar Truck

UD - Smoking With the Caballos Ah, cigar shops.

The dark wood. The stogies. The mobility...

Yes, the mobility. Say hello to Smoking with the Caballos, the city’s first roving cigar shop, now rolling around town.

This is pretty much everything you’ve imagined in your tobacco-laced fantasies: a huge truck with hundreds of cigars that functions as a humidor on wheels.

The selection: top-notch stogies from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Honduras, ranging from $6 to $50 apiece. (We like the Brick House Churchill Single, a Cuban-style Nicaraguan blend for six bucks.) Your guide: the owner of Hollywood’s Cuenca Cigars, a tobacco lover and dealer for over a decade.

You’ll use Twitter to track it down, but most nights it’ll be parked at one of the food truck meet-ups that have sprung up around the city (like the BTTR food truck court at 126th Street). So, you’ll eat a fish taco or two, then step into the yellow wallpaper–patterned truck, pick out a cigar and smoke it from a chair outside the truck (or, at home).

You’ll also be happy to hear the truck is available to rent for weddings, tailgate parties... even the occasional business meeting.

Think of it as a team-building exercise.

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