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In Praise of the Other Woman

11 Photos Mistress Day
UD - Mistress Day 11 Photos Mistress Day
Valentine’s Day. A celebration of that rare kind of romance only found in greeting cards and romantic comedies. You know, the fake kind.

And then there’s the day before Valentine’s Day, which is a celebration of... well, something else.

It’s Mistress Day, and in honor of the esteemed occasion, we’ve rounded up some of the most infamous and alluring mistresses in history.

As you’re no doubt shocked, shocked to discover, some gentlemen apparently use the day before Valentine’s to entertain women other than their committed partners—so often, in fact, that it’s just a few indiscretions away from becoming an official national holiday.

The ladies in question have been nannies, Argentine journalists and, in at least one case, 22-year-old interns with a thing for cigars—not to mention the bubbly, buxom mistress known as Ms. Marilyn Monroe. And because this is not a new phenomenon, we’ve even found examples dating back a couple of centuries.

We’re as surprised as you are.

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