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Tequila and Flintstones Steaks in the Back Bay

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The Super Bowl is over. The team with the yellow pants won.

Time to move on to more pressing matters. Like, say, where to discuss the Red Sox’s upcoming season over tequila. Tons of tequila.

Introducing Tico, your stunning new home for tequila-ing and noshing on fresh-cut Serrano ham, opening this Wednesday in the Back Bay.

Brought to you by culinary overlord Michael Schlow of Via Matta and Radius fame, Tico is, first and foremost, a Latin-inspired go-to that you’ll want to hit up after work. Your best move: commandeer some leathery thrones, order up some ice-cold pints of Negra Modelo and a few tequila shots (there’s over 100 to choose from), and steady yourselves with Fried Chicken with Spicy Buttermilk Dressing Tacos.

But you’ll also want to use it as a date spot, a place to take that in-office masseuse you’ve been courting (or, some other girl). For that, reserve the chef’s table or a seat at the “kitchen counter,” where you can watch the food wizards carve up your Serrano ham in front of you (go ahead, down it with a shot of Cuervo Reserva de la Familia).

And when you’re ready to up the meat ante, call for the “Flintstonian” Rib Eye, a cut of steak so big it takes 45 minutes to cook and serves two.

Which means she’ll still need to order something for herself.

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