Things to do for February 03, 2011

The Weekender

A Super Bowl Kegger, Smoky Jazz and Brando's Jacket

The weekend has a date with a 40-foot BLT.

UD - Homemade Ice Cream Delivery for V-Day

Homemade Ice Cream Delivery for V-Day

You’ve developed a very specific emergency procedure for handling Valentine’s Day: flowers/dinner reservations/body double. But this year, you’ll add in a key fourth ingredient: a delivery of homemade ice cream from MilkMade. Available in pints like Red Velvet Cake and Salted Caramel. Great for dessert or as a substitute for affection.

UD - A Pop-Up Shop for Badass Jackets

A Pop-Up Shop for Badass Jackets

You rank “protection from the cold” as a high priority. In fact, it’s just slightly below “having people confuse you with Brando.” So, despite the arctic conditions, you’ll grab a lightweight cowhide motorcycle jacket from Schott’s pop-up. Because someday it’ll be warmer. And someday you’ll own a Triumph Thunderbird 650.

Through Feb 15, Mon-Fri 12-7pm, Sat-Sun 12-5pm, Nepenthes, 307 W 38th St, 212-643-9540

UD - Late-Night Pasta “Fixe” at Dell’anima

Late-Night Pasta “Fixe” at Dell’anima

You don’t normally crave Spaghetti with Peekytoe Crab between the hours of midnight and 2am. Wait, no, yes you do. Enter Dell’anima, ready with both an after-hours bowl of pasta and a glass of wine. Suddenly, breakfast has become the least important meal of your day.

Tue-Sat, midnight-2am, Dell’anima, 38 8th Ave, 212-366-6633

UD - Watch the Super Bowl in an Indoor Park

Watch the Super Bowl in an Indoor Park

So about your plans for Sunday: break them. Just so happens there’s a giant, weather-controlled indoor park that’s showing the game. And UrbanDaddy is handling all party-planning duties. So expect kegs, wings and significantly better halftime entertainment. Which may or may not be a Puppy Lingerie Bowl.

UD - Jazz Night in the Trump SoHo

Jazz Night in the Trump SoHo

You have several pieces of constructive criticism for Wednesday. One: liven up a little. Two: act more like Friday. Well, the Trump SoHo is morphing their typically cozy cocktail bar into a jumping jazz lounge for hump day. As they say, one small step for man...

Launching Feb 9, 9pm, Kastel at the Trump SoHo, 246 Spring St, 212-842-5500

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