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UD - Scoville Dining Series Allow us to present our Categories of People.

Type A: one who seeks quasi-nuclear reactions to occur upon each and every chomp of a morsel of food.

Type B: the other sort, who prefers food that’s nearly too bland for human consumption.

You’ve always been more of a Type A kind of person...

So we’d like to introduce the Scoville Dining Series, a once-a-month night of the spiciest foods your tongue has ever laid buds on, now gathering members for its inaugural evening next week.

Basically, think of this as the spicy, dinner-club version of Fight Club, if Chuck Palahniuk had focused on foodies instead of nihilism (possible title: Spicy Food Club).

Here’s the deal: first, you’ll drop the organizer an email, and let him know that you and some friends are in for the spice-fest (first come, first served).

The location and time will be emailed to you, with each meetup meant to explore the ridiculously hot stuff of different regions (think: Mexico, India, Thailand, Peru and other places known for their ability to bring the heat).

Speaking of Thailand, the Tamarind House in Cambridge will be the setting next Wednesday (think: brutal green curry). And, in true Fight Club spirit, if it’s your first night, you have to eat the spiciest dish in the house.

No, you don’t have to share it with Jared Leto.


Scoville Dining Series
Inaugural night at Tamarind House
1790 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA, 02140

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