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Taking Over a Beachside Hotel

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You don’t know what it is.

The weekend. The Oscars. That looming holiday involving a weird little cherub with an arrow.

Something just has you in the mood to go big. Like, whole-beachside-hotel-to-yourself big.

And you wouldn’t mind throwing in a shower for six.

Introducing a huge new way to ring in February―over on the Santa Monica shore, you can now book the entire Hotel Shangri-La for a night. Yes, the whole hotel.

So say the Weinsteins just jacked your Oscar party venue, and you need something good. Fast. Or maybe for Valentine’s Day, you’re plotting a massive restaging of The Bachelor. Or maybe you just want to call up 119 friends for a truly crazy beachside sleepover. (The thing costs $30,000 total, but divided by 120 that’s $250 each.) Think of it like the fun part of The Shining, before the panic and the creepy twins.

Just call the hotel, find a night that works for you, and when you show up: it’s all yours, from the courtyard pool, to all 71 suites, to the rooftop bar whose adjacent penthouse suite has a shower built for six.

You called dibs.


Hotel Shangri-La
1301 Ocean Ave
(at Arizona)
Santa Monica, CA, 90401


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