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British Jackets and Jazz-Age Shoes on U Street

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Today, let’s talk about two of the most storied franchises in football meeting up in the Super Bowl.

But not just yet. First, let’s talk about your jackets. Sure, they’re sharp and they fit just so. But let’s face it, they’re not so warm. Also: they’re not from the Scottish Highlands. Not even a little.

Which brings us to Rock It Again, a brand-new hive of vintage British finery, now open to outfit your next foxhunt (or weekend-long bender on single-malts).

You may have run across this duo of fashion experts before, hawking their rare wares in the chill at Eastern Market. But now they’ve found a brick-and-mortar home on U Street, decked out with chain-link doors on the fitting rooms, a counter salvaged from a Maryland diner and lights made from vent turbines.

Under those lights, you’ll find rack after rack of English and Scottish vintage from the ’40s to ’70s—houndstooth overcoats, suede-detailed hunting jackets and the kind of corduroy car coats that Michael Caine would wear in those days when he was romancing geezers’ wives in Alfie.

Those jackets are all sourced from wholesalers in Britain, but you’ll find some American merch as well—vintage vests, wool fedoras (with or without feathers) and shoes from names like Ferragamo and Gucci, including some two-tone wingtips right out of the Jazz Age.

Perfect for your Duke Ellington–themed Super Bowl party.


Rock It Again
1528 U St NW
Washington, DC, 20009


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