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On U Street: Clothes Made for Summer

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We’re willing to bet you left the house this morning with more than one layer of clothing on. Felt good, didn’t it?

It won’t last. And once again, you’ll want nothing but thin layers of cotton. Nice-looking ones, though.

Like the ones you’ll find at Whiskey Ginger, a new bunker of casual attire on U Street, opening tonight.

Take a look. Nothing complicated here: just a concrete floor, some well-placed barn wood, a leather couch and some racks made from steel pipes.

On them: things that will have you looking good the next time a rooftop/dock/sidewalk brunch situation presents itself. Things you may not have seen in DC yet, from places like:

England. They’ve got Bellfield shorts, made from heavy, workwear-style canvas.

Italy. They’ve also got leather high-tops from a brand named Ylati. (Which is Italy spelled backward. Clever.)

New York.
Soft henleys and long-sleeve T-shirts from Rogue State.

LA. Look for grooming products from an outfit called Das Boom, which names their scents after places like Bourbon County, the West Indies and Detroit. That last one has notes of motor oil.

No, really, it does.


Whiskey Ginger
1603 U St NW
Washington, DC, 20009


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