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Angels & Kings Opens a New Home

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2011. So far, so good.

Yet something seems off. Missing. You can’t quite figure it out. And then suddenly, last night, it became clear.

You need more Pete Wentz.

So, we present the new incarnation of Angels & Kings, now officially situated in its new permanent residence in a cushy corner of the Hard Rock Hotel.

Before you get all crazy, worried and fretful—leave that to Wentz—this is just like the place where you’ve spent a few sweaty nights rubbing elbows with various Chicago Bears and touring rock stars.

There’s that mug shot wall where you’ll get your picture taken. And that big booth near the front door—just don’t get too attached to it, because you never know when it will become an impromptu stage where someone’s going to demo their latest single and/or screen pass.

But you’ll immediately notice it’s a much softer place. More velvety. More ruffled. If Steven Tyler could wear the place on American Idol, he would. The drinking and eating options are upgraded, too. So stick with your usual local brew, or be tempted into pulled duck confit sliders, Kobe carpaccio and cocktails like the Trainwreck.

The perfect drink to send to Courtney Love if you see her.


Angels & Kings
at the Hard Rock Hotel
230 N Michigan Ave
(entrance on Wacker)
Chicago, IL 60601
official website


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