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Fondue and Sliders in the Back Bay

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You’re a big fan of communal acts: tailgating. Shots. Playboy mansion-esque hot-tubbing (you don’t acquire the nickname “Hot Tub Dan” by doing nothing).

The same goes for going out after work, especially when it’s at the newest shared-plates refuge in the Back Bay...

Introducing Mass Ave, your new home for post-work libations and huge platters of comfort food, opening this Monday in the former Match space and brought to you by the folks behind Back Bay Social Club.

You’ll want to start near the antique-book-filled bookshelf, chatting up that new intern while you sip a vodka-espresso-chocolate-liqueur-and-cream Lincoln Latte. Or if you don’t need any more coffee, a Pomp + Circumstance: gin, blueberry sauce, apple cider, champagne and thyme.

After you’ve flexed a little Papa Hemingway knowledge on her, you and your crew will grab a massive wood table and get down to business with Kobe Beef Sliders and chicken, rabbit and chorizo Meat Paella (tip: ask for a spot by the 12-foot fire pit).

The tables seat eight, which is key when you’re ordering rounds of Cheese Fondue with Tenderloin Skewers and Truffled Mac and Cheese in triplicate.

As if there’s another way to order them.

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