Hudson Clearwater

Clear and Present

A West Village Dinner Hideaway

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You’ve come to expect the unexpected.

It’s why you carry a Sharpie and an 8x10 of Burt Reynolds on you at all times.

But every once in awhile, something comes along and catches you completely off guard.

Like an abandoned insurance office fronting for an invisible West Village date spot.

Welcome to the hidden world of Hudson Clearwater, a mysterious and secluded dining experience that’s impossible to find unless you know exactly where to look, taking reservations now.

Start on the corner of Hudson and Morton. Should you find yourself staring at a boarded-up 1970s storefront: perfect. From there, head around back and walk exactly 14 paces to an unmarked green door.

Make sure you weren’t followed, slip inside and enter a secret garden. In the spring, there’ll be alfresco dining and cocktailing out here, but for now, concern yourself with what’s inside: a giant chef’s bar, a sunken dining room and the overwhelming smell of Cured Pork Belly.

Here you’ll find the kind of homey reclaimed wood tables you can settle into for the long haul. And the kind of local farm-sourced veggies and foodstuffs that make the Root Vegetable Shortcake and Crispy Duck Breast all they can be.

But depending on the type of intimate affair you’re after, you can make a reservation for the even-more-hidden private dining room downstairs.

Or as you call it: the finest catered safe house in all Manhattan.


Hudson Clearwater
447 Hudson St
New York, NY, 10014


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