Turkey Time

Kebabs and Turkish Beer in Cambridge

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The country of Turkey generally reminds you of two things: killer food, and women who look like Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (yes, she’s got Turkish blood).

Today, we’d like to talk to you about the former (and possibly indirectly, the latter).

Introducing Bosphorus, your new 98-seat Inman Square oasis for killer doner kebabs and hummus, opening this Sunday.

So let’s say we get pummeled this weekend by another wrath-of-god snowstorm and your stomach suddenly gets a fierce craving for some beer-marinated Grilled Red Mullet (nor’easters bring out your mullet-lust).

When that happens, just hand your driver the extra pair of mittens you were wearing (it is New England), and while he’s digging out the car, warm up in here with a few lamb-and-beef-heavy Iskender Kebabs, or a pastry-ish Borek (phyllo dough stuffed with feta and beef).

Then, after chasing that down with some housemade Haydari yogurt dip, you’ll get down to business with their super-filling Bosphorus Bake (phyllo-dough-rolled lamb shank in tomato sauce).

And since you’ll be thirsty from constantly asking your driver if he’s done yet, you’ll want to wash it all down with some Turkish wine, or an ice-cold imported Turkish Efes Pilsen beer.

It’s basically Turkey’s Bud Heavy.

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