Elvis’s Birthday Fight Club

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Elvis Burlesque Behind a Bar

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
UD - Elvis’s Birthday Fight Club You know Elvis pretty well. You’ve made your pilgrimage to Graceland. You know how to pile your hair up high. His comeback show from Vegas plays in an endless loop on a TV set in your Jungle Room.

But there’s one place you haven’t seen The King. Yes, that’s right—emceeing a burlesque show on his birthday.

Until now. Introducing Elvis’s Birthday Fight Club, a burlesque and variety show happening tomorrow that will let Elvis strike fear into Middle America all over again.

Just imagine this as exactly what Elvis might have been doing if he were still with us: holding court in an old theater behind the Passenger bar and, over the strains of his musical oeuvre, introducing some of DC’s top titillating talent.

But wait... you noticed the words fight club in the title. We were getting to that. No, it does not refer to any burlesque tendencies that Helena Bonham Carter might harbor (though she might, she might). It refers to the acts in between the shedding of clothing, in which characters like Abe Lincoln, Colonel Sanders and Sarah Palin will battle it out on stage, complete with ring girls and a possible burlesque battle royale at the end. (It couldn’t end any other way, really.)

Getting you through the night: something strong, albeit not as strong as the stuff Elvis liked—a Golden Cadillac cocktail from the Passenger, with gin, Galliano and chocolate bitters.

Should be a nice warm-up act to Tony Bennett burlesque fight club.


Elvis’s Birthday Fight Club
1021 7th St NW
(at the Warehouse)
Washington, DC, 20001

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