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Homemade Pop-Tarts from Georgia

UD - Red Queen Tarts So yesterday we reported that you had two main resolutions for the new year: dating and skiing.

Well, we jumped the gun.

We looked into the issue a bit further, and it turns out you have a third major objective for 2011. It involves Pop-Tarts.

Specifically, it involves Red Queen Tarts, your new supersized homemade breakfast tarts from the state of Georgia, now being delivered to your door.

Basically, if you crossed a regular garden-variety Kellogg’s Pop-Tart with a pastry from Flour Bakery, you’d get these. They’re about the same size as a Pop-Tart, but they’re puffier and flakier. And instead of Choc-o-Lantern, Frosted Strawberry and Mega Ice Cream Sandwich Blastoff Power Zoom, you get more dignified flavors like Cinnamon Apple Tatin, Lemon Blueberry, Roasted Pumpkin and Hazelnut Chocolate.

And when you’re rushing out the door with one of these in your hand, hot and fresh from the toaster oven, we think you’ll also appreciate that the maker, a woman by the name of Candice Reynolds, uses all-organic ingredients like chunks of real fruit, cane juice instead of sugar and chocolate from Georgia’s Fairywood Thicket Farm.

Generally regarded as the Pepperidge Farm of the Deep South.


Red Queen Tarts

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