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That New French Beauty on Randolph Street

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There’s this girl we want you to meet.

She’s brassy. Smart. Not big on commitment. But when it’s midnight, and you need a little je ne sais quoi—by which we mean whiskey and a towering platter of lobster and oysters—she’s there for you. In other words, just your type.

Without further ado, let us introduce Maude’s Liquor Bar, opening tonight on Randolph Street. It’s where you’ll spend cold nights safe in the arms of crispy frites, a little chartreuse and anything else you need to warm/curl your toes.

From the guy who brought you the one-two punch of Gilt Bar and Curio, it has the patina of a creaky French farmhouse taken over by a raucous group of expats with a love of Benny Goodman, George Clinton, good food and, of course, lots of booze.

After work, you’ll stop in, plop down on that big red Chesterfield couch and relax with a Smokey Violet Smash, probably the best flower-scented drink you’ll have all night. But if you want dinner—and when an Alinea vet is in the kitchen, you do—get a table and dig into mussels and short ribs.

When it’s late, and you need your usual champagne and escargots nightcap, the candlelit nest upstairs is filled with couches and lined with vintage Charles Dickens books.

It’s the best of times... and let’s just leave it at that.

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