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An Eight-Story Climbing Wall in the Netherlands

You’ve got plans for the new year. You might even call them resolutions.

First, you’re going to figure out this cold fusion business. Second, you’re going to be elected president of Uruguay on a platform of state-subsidized massage. And third, you’re going to scale the tallest freestanding climbing wall in the world.

So far, we’ve only got a lead on that last one.

Welcome to Excalibur, a 121-foot tower of climbing wall in the Netherlands, open now.

It’s an open challenge: eight stories of steel and wood curved into a 36-foot overhang, ready for any climber bold enough to take it on. (That would be you.) Just find your way to the outskirts of Groningen in the northern Netherlands and look for the avant-garde gym off the side of the highway. The one with an enormous yellow spire off to the side. It’ll be pretty hard to miss.

Now you’ve got some climbing to do. There are 24 different paths to the top, depending on whether you prefer the over or underside of that 36-foot curve, but none of them will take you more than 10 minutes to power through. Once you’ve reached the rooftop, you’ll have a stunning view in every direction. Think miles and miles of green...

The people of Uruguay should be suitably impressed.


at Klimcentrum Bjoeks
Bieskemaar 3
9735 AE Groningen
+050 549 12 30
official website

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