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200 Tequilas in the Back Bay

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When it’s this cold out, there are only a few reasons to brave such Planet Hoth-like conditions:

A) work
B) holiday shopping
C) searching for your lost friend on a Tauntaun (applicable to Han Solo only).

But we thought of one more: tequila. 200 kinds of it, in fact. Underground. In the Back Bay.

Say hello to Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar, the brand-new, humongous underground den of tequila and pulled brisket tacos, opening this Friday in the Back Bay.

Think of Lolita as the sort of bordello-y atmosphere Clooney and Tarantino’s characters in From Dusk Till Dawn would frequent on one of their Mexican sojourns. Walk in from street level, go down a few stairs and you’ll see it: gothic accents, salvaged weathered iron, lots of dim red lighting… and zero threat of a bloodthirsty Salma Hayek (sadly).

So imagine: you and your 12 assistants are out holiday shopping and you need to celebrate an especially good multi-neck-guitar purchase. You’ll duck in and grab a seat on a leathery couch. After starting with tacos (they’ve got Pulled Pork, Rib Eye, Baja Shrimp), you’ll move on to something from the grill and maybe a margarita.

Then, as the blood begins to return to your feet, you and your crew will walk past the main bar and into the tequila saloon in the back—where you can pore over 200+ tequilas while keeping an eye on the silent black-and-white Mexican film playing on the wall. We suggest going for the limited-edition, $450/shot Cuervo 250 Aniversario.

Making this the most expensive black-and-white silent Mexican film you’ll ever watch.

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