Buenos Aires

Mad Cow

New Argentine Beef Brasserie


A carnivore's heaven on earth, a country whose per capita beef consumption is the highest in the world, where every meal includes at least two— But before you start packing your bags, consider just heading to the East Village.

This weekend, owners Ishmael and Karina De Marco will soft open Buenos Aires, a simple family-style shrine to beef.

No authentic detail is spared—warning: graphic cow violence ahead]. The cow is killed with a sudden surprise knock-out from overhead, so it doesn't tense up its muscles (thus producing a more tender meat). Appalling? Yes. But also tasty (and come on, who wouldn't rather be eating "relaxed cow"?).

The result is a savory, succulent parade of Argentinean Chorizo, Matambre on Rusa (rolled stuffed veal breast), Morcilla (blood sausage), Bife de Chorizo (grilled skirtan steak), Medallon de Lomo (filet mignon), and the ultra-indulgent Matambrito Tiernizado, grilled veal that's been pre-soaked in milk for hours.

Add a round of what will soon be known as the city's best empanadas, a vast selection of Argentine wines and beers, Argentine-style prices (a steak and a glass of wine for under 15 bucks) and an outdoor garden patio...and you'll soon be wondering where Argentina's been all your life.


Buenos Aires
513 E. 6th St
(between Avenues A and B)
East Village
New York, NY, 10009

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