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Extreme Skiing in Vermont

UD - The Backcountry Experience All the turkey has been eaten. All the stuffing has been digested. All the relatives you see once a year have been seen.

And now it’s time to get outside and ski. Preferably in the rough-and-tumble terrain of Vermont. With hot tubs.

Presenting The Backcountry Experience, a brand-new, three-day guided adventure trek through the rugged backcountry of northern Vermont, taking reservations starting today.

Here’s how it works: you and a few fellow neo-Sherpas will grab all your ski gear and journey to Jay, VT. There you’ll be met by your talented-yet-ski-bummy guides, who will take you by snowmobile to the Gravity Bowl, a pristine, snow-covered terrain that stretches from northern Vermont to Canada. You’ll check in with a few welcoming cocktails, retire to your cabin, stock the wood stove for the night and hit the hay.

The next day, you’ll travel miles from civilization to a mountain near Jay Peak, cover your skis in grip-friendly “climbing skins” and embark on two full days of the roughest off-trail skiing you’ve ever experienced, traversing across seven peaks for gnarly downhill action and supreme views of Vermont and Canada (it’s a little like Aspen Extreme, minus the Aspen).

Oh, and after the first day of skiing, you’ll sit down to a massive dinner party, complete with cans of beer and hot-tubbing back at the main cabin called Cat House.

No, it’s not what you think.


The Backcountry Experience
with SnowRiders

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