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Fireside Pork Bellying in Cambridge

We’ve given it some thought.

And we’ve roughly sketched out your itinerary this week:

Light on the work (thanks to some well-placed interns). Heavy on the meat dishes and glasses of wine by a fire.

And no, we’re not talking about Thanksgiving. We’re talking about your dinner plans. This evening.

Say hello to Bondir, your new Cambridge farmhouse for pork belly and lobster from the former head chef at the Beacon Hill Bistro, officially opening tonight.

Think of Bondir as the sort of place you’d imagine Anthony Bourdain ducking into during one of his treks through Europe, when looking for localized farm-fresh fare (and a spot to unload a lot of inner-monologue voiceover work).

You’ll come in, grab some space on the reclaimed church pew-ish benches and warm up by the brick fireplace with a hearty French Syrah (known to cause small religious moments on certain palates).

After reminiscing about the time you almost bought a vineyard, you’ll progress to a table in the back and dive into their daily-changing, locavore-friendly menu. Think: Scituate Lobster, Pork Belly Roast using New Hampshire-bred pigs and, finally, a dish made with pancetta from boar-ish Mangalitsa pigs called Bloody Butcher Grits.

We’re assuming that’s just a clever name.


279A Broadway
Cambridge, MA, 02139

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