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Today we present a peek at the future.

And by future we mean your next champagne-filled underground lounge that’s coming after the new year.

And here are two words to allow you to embrace that future right now: private parties.

Behold your gorgeous first look at the forthcoming Cure Lounge, the new subterranean playland for imbibing and dancing in the former Aria space under the Wilbur Theatre, now open for private parties.

Think of Cure as where Mozart would get wild in Boston with a gaggle of his fellow rapscallions (and possibly a few saucy mezzo-sopranos). And starting right now, you can lock this place down for all your DJ-fueled lounging with about 380 of your friends.

So picture it: you’ve pulled together a holiday rager and notice your ex is present, alone and admiring the fully restored original ceiling design from the 1800s, not to mention the Nat-Geo-ish landscape imagery on the 15-foot projection screen behind the bar. You’ll slide up to her, catch up over a few bowls of vodka soup (read: martinis) and then “catch up” in a nook near the side bar.

And should you get the urge to make your night a bit more Rush Hour 2-ish, you’ll head back to the Asian-themed VIP lounge. Think: magnum bottles of champagne and a totally different vibe thanks to a separate sound system.

Chris Tucker not included.


Cure Lounge
246 Tremont St
Boston, MA, 02116


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