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Mojitos and Deep-Fried Twinkies in JP

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It was a beautiful Sunday... on your couch.

A ferocious Pats win. Boardwalk Empire catch-up sessions. Much loose-fitting clothing (your Hypercolor sweatpants are the talk of the neighborhood).

And with so much lethargy, we’ve got just what you need on a Monday: where to get deep-fried Twinkies and beer.

Introducing Canary Square, your new gastropub-y incarnation of the old Alchemist Lounge space, tentatively soft-opening this Thursday in Jamaica Plain.

Longtime Alchemist Lounge-ers beware: walking in here finds hardly a relic of its former life. Rather, you’ll step in to see a quasi-industrial, minimalist-chic space of exposed brick, reclaimed wood floors from a barn in Maine and steel beam-ery spread throughout (not from a barn in Maine).

So the next time you’re in JP and the grumble in your stomach makes the distinct sound of “I need Guinness Beef Barley Stew,” follow your nose’s GPS here. Grab a corner in the leathery lounge area and order up some mojitos or a cold draft (there’s over 30 of them). Then, up the meat content of your bloodstream with housemade chili, charcuterie platters and a BBQ pulled-chicken sandwich (also good for staying on track with the Atkins).

And while you’re still basking in your meatfest, you’ll top off the gluttony with their pièce de résistance: the deep-fried Twinkie.

Yes, it’s just what you think it is.

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