DMV Nude

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Body Painting and Nude Photos in Georgetown

UD - DMV Nude When it comes to the highest of the highbrow art, there’s nothing more exciting than being there at its birth.

You know, like watching a painter fill a canvas. Or a sculptor chisel away at granite. Or... a nude woman get her picture taken.

Which is why today we want to tell you about DMV Nude, a cocktail party coupled with live erotic photography, happening tonight at the MOCA gallery in Georgetown.

Before we go any further, let’s get this out of the way: this has nothing to do with driver’s licenses and long lines. Rather, this has to do with raising a little money for the DMV (District, Maryland, Virginia) International Film Festival.

And their inspired means of doing so has you strolling into this gallery (known for its risqué subjects, by the way) and getting a glass at the wine bar. Before too long, two models will perch themselves at opposite ends of the space. One of them will be nude. The other won’t have any clothes on.

And you’ll try not to stare (at her tattoo) as professional photographers click away (no, mastering your iPhone camera does not make you a “professional”).

And lest everyone gravitate to the sides of the room, a third model will occupy the freed-up space in the middle, while she gets body painted on the spot.

Which makes it a multimedia exhibit.


DMV Nude
1054 31st St NW
(at M St)
Washington, DC, 20007

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