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A Burger You’ll Want to Invite to Thanksgiving

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Today is the second Wednesday in November. That means tomorrow is...

The second to last Thursday before your life becomes a pumpkin-colored blur of insane holiday excess. Let’s give you a head start.

Introducing Rudy’s Bar and Grille, an old-fashioned burger joint in the Loop where you order your food by the pound and pies by the martini glass, opening tomorrow.

Arrive after work, a little tired and ready for something familiar and comfortable—Bears jerseys and Blackhawks pennants on the walls, old Chicago headlines embossed into the bar top. You’ll think, “Hey, this looks like Pizano’s next door.” Good eye. Rudy happens to be Rudy Malnati Jr, whose father was one of the brave pioneers of deep-dish—so a family not exactly noted for moderation.

There are 13 burgers on the menu, but the one you want is the Turkey & Stuffing Burger, three-quarters of a pound of prime beef topped with turkey gravy and cranberry dressing on a pretzel bun. It’s served, naturally, with sweet potato fries. Wash it down with a pumpkin, apple or key lime pie, all offered in convenient milkshake martini form.

It may sound a bit much until you consider their Challenger, a random four-and-a-half-pound assortment of food—sausages, burgers, waffle fries, et al. Finish and you’ll be lauded with glory, hosannas, your name on the wall, a Nobel Prize, an Oscar and a MacArthur genius grant.

Or at least shortlisted.

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