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Your New Temple of Tequila

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Tequila. The devil’s nectar.

Some fear it. Others merely covet it. You worship it.

So today, we wanted to get you prepared for your newest cathedral for genuflecting in its presence (with killer taquitos).

Take a stunning first look at Papagayo, the new 240-seat promised land for tequila, tableside-made tuna ceviche and stop-your-heart chile relleno, opening a week from tomorrow in the old Achilles/Persephone space in Fort Point Channel.

So get it on your radar. Because come next week, you’ll be able to grab a date or a few desperadoes and head into this space, which looks like how a Mexican Willy Wonka would envision a fully stocked tequila bar (bright colors, mariachi music, hardwood floors, standing cocktail corrals…but unfortunately no lickable wallpaper).

You’ll start with something from the vast 80+ tequila list (go for a rare beauty like the Patrón Burdeos). With your palate tequila-fied, you’ll dive into heaping platters of Ostiones Diablo (grilled Island Creek oysters with jalapeños and chorizo butter), Ancho Chili Glazed Short Ribs and maybe some braised pork belly Taquizas, lovingly wrapped with housemade corn tortillas, just like your Aunt Maria does it in Baja.

And when the plates have been cleared, you’ll move to the tequila tasting table near the glass lockers, where the owner’s years-in-the-making private stock is stored.

No, it doesn’t include Cuervo Gold.

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